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Available Flavours


vanilla, chocolate, caramel, nuts (walnuts, hazel nuts, almonds, pistaccios, walnuts ect.), Guiness, lemon, orange, strawberry, chocolate chip, white chocolate




vanilla, chocolate, Nutella, Biscoff, butterscotch, irish cream, coconut, caramel, nuts, lemon/lemon curd, orange, white chocolate, strawberry, rum, pistaccio, cinnamon, coffee, Oreo, peanut butter, wild berry, 



milk, dark or white ganache can also have added flavour for ex. chocolate orange, caramel


JAM: whichever you like




mascarpone, quark, philladelphia, fresh cream - they can have added flavour to, too, but are lovely on their own or with fresh fruit


!!! these need to be kept in the fridge, in the box provided and can’t stay out of the fridge more than 2-3 hours (less in hot rooms/summer days) !!!










If you can’t see flavour you like feel free to ask. I will do my best to make it for you.

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